The musical journey behind Surf The Pines began in Ireland, when Shane Leinster flipped a coin to decide whether he’d move to Los Angeles or New York City to find a more supportive music scene. 

Even though Los Angeles won the toss, and Leinster lived and played music there for seven years, it’s in his now-native Seattle that he’s found his true musical home. Brand new four-piece indie rock group Surf The Pines (featuring Leinster, Bill Ibsen, Bardi Martin, and Patrick Porter) is ready to push hard, delivering energetic, raw pop-rock with moments of acoustic guitar Americana, derived from lengthy musical careers.

Influences abound and with each band member's years of experience, Surf The Pines have created a sound that captures a feel and energy of bands like Cheap Trick, The Replacements, Teenage Fanclub and Big Star. The sound is big and live with raw guitars underneath melody, unforgettable choruses and three-part harmonies.

 Surf The Pines debut singles 'The Runaround' will released on Dec 1 2017 with more singles, an EP and an album planned for 2018.

Photo by Don Farwell at Earwig Studios, Seattle.